Who Am I? – Crafter

It’s what I do…

I nearly put that I was a Creator, but then I thought someone else already had that job, so I’m a crafter.  😉

And I’m really not a crafter either.  I do a few crafts, but I wouldn’t say that I’m “crafty”.  So whenever someone asks me if I like to do crafts, I tell them I don’t do crafts.

I like to crochet… actually, I love it!  I even made a facebook page about it.  I thought the people on my regular facebook page were tired of seeing pictures of yarn, so I created a page just for the things I crochet.  I didn’t realize how therapeutic crocheting was until recently when I was under a lot of stress waiting for the results from the medical tests.  I could put some podcasts on or an audio book, or even just some music and crochet.

I love to make almost anything, although I’m not very good at stuffed animals and such.  I’m more interested in things that are different.  I also don’t like doing the same stitch row after row and stitch after stitch… so I can’t only do those kinds of projects either.

At the end of each month, I’ll share what I made throughout the month and links to patterns, if I have them.  Most of them come from youtube videos and some of them will still be WIPs (works in progress) 😉

Anyway… Here are the January projects!!!


Welcome to my world… it’s pretty great around here!!